Extreme Tropical Fishing – Nosy Be

Extreme Tropical Fishing – Nosy Be – Aviavy Fishing Club


Supporting responsible and sustainable recreational sport fishing. We encourage you to ‘catch & release’ in the best interests of the sport.

The waters around Nosy Be are ideal for practicing almost all fishing techniques: throwing poppers, trolling, jigging, bottom fishing and drift. Often around Nosy Be these different fishing techniques are practiced in the same day depending on certain conditions such as tides, times and coefficients but also the moon and the time of year are important factors that strongly influence the fishing around Nosy Be.

A day of fishing in Nosy Be traditionally begins with many skipjacks , we will use either live bait slow trolling (Catalina) in search of Marlin, or drift fishing for all pelagic predators, and bottom fishing for groupers and all benthic species.

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Just a few miles off the coast of Nosy Be you can find various fishing spots such as ‘Banc of five meters’, the ‘Entry Banc’ or the ‘Unicorn Banc’. Just a few miles further we have hot spots like ‘Leven Banc’, ‘Snake Banc’ &  ‘Big Castor Banc’. All of which are easily accessible by our fast speedboats and will satisfy the most passionate extreme tropical fisherman.

And for exotic thrill fans – Extreme Tropical Fishing | Aviavy Fishing Club | Nosy Be – also offers fishing camps around the famous Radama & Mitsio  archipelagos.

The waters of Nosy Be are home to many species of fish such as the Giant Trevallies, the undisputed kings of popper fishing which are present all year round. Sailfish from July to October & you can try to catch these with your fly rod. These two species are the most sought after.


During your fishing trip to Nosy Be you can fight with a dozen varieties of kingfish, sixty different grouper species, sharks, barracudas, snappers, job fish, amber-jack’s,  several varieties of tuna (yellow-fin, big eye, dog-tooth & the most numerous skip-jack). From December to March we have the Blue Marlin. Black Marlin is the present all year round with a peak in activity during December and January.

During all excursions you will be accompanied by an English speaking French fishing guide with more than 12 years of experience in the Indian Ocean, and a Malagasy boat skipper with more than 15 years’ experience in local waters.


!! NEW !! : Fishing live aboard on our new catamaran ‘Oceange’

Aviavy Fishing Club also organizes island excursions for your companions and children to help you discover Nosy Be and its surroundings during your days off.

You can visit Nosy Be island or Lokobé nature reserve aboard our air conditioned 4×4 with driver, or you can do it yourself by renting our in-house Quads (with or without a guide).

The charming islanders will keep no secrets from you …

* Nosy Komba -the lemur island – with the artisan village of embroiderers and sculptors.

* Nosy Tanikely – a protected marine reserve for 5 years – a paradise for Snorkelers and Divers.

* Nosy Iranja – the Turtle Island – a real postcard not to be missed under any circumstances. A tiny paradise island located in the Mozambique Channel.

You can spend a few days relaxing in our comfortable Eco-Lodge at Kalakajoro, your own private island. A real jewels in the heart of the Radama archipelago, you can go fishing from the boat with famous spots less than 15 minutes away, but also diving, snorkelling or just lazing on a white sandy tropical beach …

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